Aircraft Owner Assessment

Level Aircraft sales professionals will assess your travel needs and discuss budget, operating cost, annual fixed cost, travel range, passenger loads and schedule to create a clear path forward for the acquisition.

Aircraft Selection

Level will find your optimal aircraft. We identify potential aircraft based on your preferences and requirements through our network of industry contacts.

Intent to Purchase and Negotiations

The purchase offer and negotiation is where our experience and expertise carry the most weight. We determine optimum acquisition pricing for a specific aircraft and submit formal offers, typically with an escrow deposit. Our main objective is to find you the correct airplane for you and also ensure no money is left on the table.

Pre Purchase Inspection

A successful aircraft evaluation or survey means satisfying manufacturer required inspections and ensuring the airplane you intent to purchase has been well maintained and in top condition. Our pre-purchase inspection ensures all major repair items are covered at the seller’s expense, and that we coordinate inspection schedules, scope and cost with the appropriate maintenance facility. The PPE is the most important step in the acquisition process and the best money you can spend as a buyer.

Aircraft Acceptance

Our team of maintenance professionals and pilots will fly and evaluate the aircraft thoroughly to ensure it is in a condition that satisfies the purchase contract, regulations and most importantly your needs and desires.

Falcon 7X
Falcon 7X


Level coordinates all required FAA filings and required documentation associated with the aircraft purchase and transfer of ownership. Warranties, Service contracts and maintenance plans are just a few of the many details that must be handled during a transaction. Tax planning, capturing depreciation and asset protection are important facets of an aircraft transaction and Level is there to guide you through it all. Level will bind insurance coverage on to our fleet policy and ensure the seller has met all the requirements for closing and you, the buyer, are completely protected.

Closing and Delivery

Level will conduct a final acceptance of the airplane and coordinate aircraft pick-up or delivery. This follows the distribution of escrow funds and final FAA filings. In addition, we oversee requested ownership/operations support services.