An Exclusive Aircraft Management Program for the discriminating aircraft owner ALL THE BENEFIT OF OWNERSHIP WITH NO HASSLE WHILE BEING...


Fiscally Responsible.

Level was crafted by a small group of aviation veterans that recognized a demand for an aircraft ownership program that delivers superior safety and performance with an unmatched Level of elegance. By adhering to higher standards, attention to detail and recognizing value in the current marketplace the Level aircraft management program is unparalleled and designed around our aircraft owners having total control over their assets without the typical hassles of ownership.

Flight Crew dedicated to our safety culture

Your private flight department with a single point of contact

Dispatch team with global resources and relationships

Industry experts available on demand

Extensive knowledge of flight operations, finance, maintenance, avionics, procurement and logistics

Elite onboard services and culinary trained cabin attendants

Carbon offset purchase program available, offsets 100% of your aircrafts emissions

Data and analytics providing insight and perspective on the performance of your asset

Fuel consumption and optimization strategies

Trend identification and proactive logistics management

Fleet management and purchasing recommendations

Economy of scale management

Dedicated to preserving the value of your asset


Level and its team has been operating business jets for nearly half a century and has flown hundreds of thousands of worry-free hours. We pride ourselves on a very strong safety culture and an emphasis on maintaining and operating business aircraft to the very highest of standards.

Private aviation is very expensive and sharing the cost is both smart and necessary in order to justify aircraft ownership. Allowing like-minded aircraft owners to benefit from the experience and expertise of the level management program is what makes Level a standout. The Level management program is not limited by the number of aircraft it can input into its fleet but is limited by the number of customers that are invited into the program. Level has developed a simple yet proven aircraft ownership model with an emphasis on Safety, Elegance and Fiscal Responsibility. We have built our program around the venerable Dassault Falcon Fifty and Nine Hundred.


Asset Protection.

As an industry-leading aircraft management company, we provide round-the-clock AOG support, line maintenance, heavy inspection services, and coordination with third party providers worldwide.

Jet support teams to minimize downtown

Long-term relationships with aircraft manufacturers and independent maintenance providers

The highest standard for maintenance, aircraft improvements and preservation