About Us

“Guard well your Spare Moments. They are like uncut Diamonds.
Discard them and their Value will never be known.
Improve them and they will become the Brightest Gems in a Useful Life!”
                                                                                                                                         Ralph Waldo Emerson


Above all else, aircraft safety is our prime objective. There are two major components in SAFE flight operations: The Flight Crew and The Aircraft!

Flight Crew

Level Flight Crew are trained and operate to the highest level of standards and professionalism In the industry. All of our pilots are Airline Transport Pilot certified, captain trained and rated on the Falcon Fifty and Nine Hundred. Our pilots are selected through a rigorous and unique hiring process that considers safety, world experience and strong customer service background. Since the Falcon Fifty and Nine Hundred have the same systems, performance and handling characteristics they fall under the same type rating. The Falcon is the only type of airplane our pilots train for and fly so it makes them true Falcon Jet experts!


The Dassault Falcon Fifty and Nine Hundred have millions of hours flown globally and are statistically the safest business jets flying year after year. This inherent safety starts with their design. Dassault produces fighter jets and other military aircraft and utilizes the huge military design budgets to craft military grade business aircraft. Our Falcon aircraft are the only aircraft in the market that utilize a triple redundancy safety design for every critical system on the airplane. Triple redundant power plants, hydraulics for flight and ground control, electrical, pressurization and fuel delivery. The aerodynamic design of the Falcon allows for very low takeoff and landing speeds. This not only increases the safety factor when close to the ground but also allowing the Falcon to utilize many airports that other aircraft cannot get into and out of safely. The aerodynamic design over-engineering also permits the Falcon to fly faster with unmatched handling and control than other aircraft. The Falcon is so well built that it has NO LIFE LIMIT! Most other business jets must be retired after a predetermined number of hours or years in service, not so for the Falcon. There is no other aircraft built that can match the capabilities of the Falcon Fifty and Nine Hundred.

On Time reliability

On Time Reliability

Level’s Dassault Falcon aircraft have the best dispatch reliability in the industry due to exceptional quality of build as well as superior worldwide OEM support. The Level program has been built around the Dassault Falcon Jet. This single aircraft type model utilizes like flight crew, maintenance, parts and support. This strategic business model eases logistical issues that plaque most other aircraft operators. This model mirrors the Southwest Airlines model which has proven extremely successful in a very competitive marketplace.